Photo Wall Murals: Wallpaper for Interior Decorating

Ready to redecorate? Find wall murals to freshen up your home or office today. Browse through our unique collection of photo murals for inspiration. Or, for something completely exclusive, go for one-of-a-kind custom murals.

Whatever your decorating style, find wallpaper murals to refresh your rooms and brighten your living space. Starting at only $4.50 per square foot, our prices can't be beat!

Create the kind of home or office you used to only dream of today. Decorating with wallpaper wall murals provides a complete and instant room transformation. Home interior decorating is now easy and fun. Our murals take you to places far beyond a mere coat of paint. Find an image that speaks to you and let your dream begin. Murals provide an affordable and simple solution to redecorating without the expense of a complete room overhaul.

We even have original Designer Wallpaper and Mosaic Tile Wallpaper. Both are big on style, and will save you time and money. Whatever your decor style, we are sure to have something just right for you. We at are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality materials at affordable prices.

For custom wall murals, your original photographs or artwork are digitally printed onto the wallpaper of your choice. Professional custom printing of any photo mural image on quality commercial grade wallpaper, as well as on decorative vinyl wall banners. Contact us today to get started on your decorating project!
Sept. 2014 "Mural is on the wall-we are delighted-one image shows a reflection in an adjacent wall mirror-kind of cool-thanks" Jacqueline S., Queenstown, MD

Jul 2014 "Looks Good! Thank you, Lisa, for all your help!" - Stephanie, Solana Beach, CA

Jun 2014 "The mural looks amazing, and I could not have had a better experience. In fact, I will be doing another one with you." -Craig T., St. Charles, MO

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Wall Murals Bring Your Rooms to Life!