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Turn Your Photo Into a Custom Wallpaper Mural
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Do you have a digital photo or special design you'd like turned into a custom wall mural? Whether you're decorating a nursery, customizing your kids room, or creating a lavish living room, custom murals are creative and practical. At only $4.50 per square foot, wallpaper murals provide endless decorating options for you.

Custom Wall Mural

Custom Murals

Stop dreaming about that special room-- it's really within reach. Now you can have your unique design or photography as a focal point or background for your favorite room. A room to feel great about. Create custom wall murals--digitally printed high resolution wallpaper prints specifically tailored to your decor or interests.

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View real life installation examples to see how others have created spectacular rooms, offices and living spaces with their own custom photo wallpaper designs. Our clients never cease to amaze us and knock our socks off.

With custom murals, it really is all about you. You are the photographer and editor of your work. Now you can bring your photo or design to life in your favorite room, for all to enjoy. Home interior decorating just doesn't get better or more personal than this. Best of all, you get the satisfaction of living or working in a room that is a glorious expression of your unique talent. This is your time to shine!

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A custom wall mural is an ambitious project and we are happy to help. Our affordable wallpapers start at only $4.50 per square foot. Whether your interior design style is simple, elegant, urban, country, abstract, or something else, you can make it happen! Submit your original artwork or photo image and get started today on your one-of-a-kind custom mural!

Note: "Thumbnails" and most images copied off the web will not work. To produce a quality mural, the file size must be at least 1 megabite (MB) and usually larger. A general rule of thumb is that the larger the photo file, the clearer your image will be. We are happy to review your image for free and let you know if it will print clearly at the size you need. Please read our FAQ to submit your image for a completely custom wallpaper mural.

Once you are satisfied with the clarity and resolution of your mural, you then approve the custom printing. Once you have given approval for us to print, your custom wallpaper mural will arrive within 2 business weeks. Installation instructions are sent with your online purchase invoice so that you can prepare your wall correctly. Once your mural arrives, you are ready for easy installation.

Your personalized work of art will bring years of satisfaction and viewing pleasure to you. What a wonderful and satisfying feeling to invigorate your walls with your very own design. Make the magic happen!

We can use most file types: .jpg, .tif, .png, .psd, .psb, .eps, .ai, and .pdf. Your custom wallpaper mural is produced on a digital printer that outputs at 720 dpi for maximum color consistency and tone, while also utilizing archival based inks that are waterproof and UV light resistant.

Rest assured that we take great care with your personal photos. When you upload your image, or send it to us via regular mail, we look it over and let you know how it will look as a wall mural in the size that you need. If there is cropping involved, we will assist you with that too.

If the image doesn’t look good for enlargement, we’ll be the first ones to tell you. At, you'll never waste money on a custom wall mural that can’t be used due to poor quality imagery or printing.

For more information on submitting images to us for custom wall murals or custom photo wallpaper, please see our FAQ, use our Contact Form, email us at, or call us toll free at 1.800.736.8925.

Question: I have a vision for a custom wall mural, but I don't have an image. Can you help?

Answer: Yes! We have thousands of images in our photo mural library. We are also a team of very knowledgeable and experienced graphic designers. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to find it or create it for you. We are committed to working with you to create the mural that is perfect for you and your decorating needs.

Note: When you leave us a voice mail, please be sure to speak your call back number slowly and clearly. We want to return every call!

For Canadian, international and all overseas inquiries- please email us or use our Contact Form.

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Custom Wall Murals: Your Personal Photo Wallpaper, Get started Today!